So...how did Inner Compass Brewing Company come to be?  Well, as legend has it two guys in their early 20's happen to end up working at a large chain alcohol retailer together.  One of these guys gets the other guy into craft beer.  This is all before the big boom of craft beer in the state of Florida.  These two dudes love craft beer so much they consider opening a craft beer bar which doesn't pan out at the time.  As time passes one these two guys starts homebrewing and shortly after invites the other to join him.  They homebrew for a while together and share their beers with people and after a while think to themselves, "hey why not try to open a brewery since we wanted to open a craft beer bar a while back".  They make the moves towards this goal and everything happens to fall in to place this time around.


Our building was once a service station and here you see a photo of what it once looked like.  In order to keep that service station type feel we added roll down service garage style doors to the brewing area which was once where the cars were worked on.  The building had several previous owners one of which was local baseball legend Buddy Lake which we named our No Hitter IPA after.  We are tremendously proud to be in a building and a town that is so rich with history and character.

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